Lupicia Presents: Niseko Genki Ni Ganbaro! – Yotei Beer Gift Campaign

You’ve probably been stuck at home a lot since the pandemic started. We know it’s important to keep COVID cases down, but staying inside can sure get kind of boring…


How about getting over that boredom with something tasty?


Radio Niseko is pleased to announce a new campaign: Lupicia Presents: Niseko Genki Ni Ganbaro! For this campaign, Radio Niseko will take in messages of encouragement from the community and relay those messages back to all of our listeners.


Everyone who submits a message to us will receive a FREE five-bottle set of Yotei Beer from Lupicia! What better way to break that COVID slump than with some delicious local beer?


(How to join)

1.Come to Radio Niseko to receive a postcard.

2.Take the postcard home and write a message on it. Messages can be directed at anyone (Ex. “Sending love to all the doctors out there!”, “Let’s have a big barbecue when this is all over!”, “Dad, you look so cool when you’re doing work from home!”)

●All received messages will be read during the broadcast, Lupicia Presents:Niseko Genki Ni Ganbaro! on July 3 from 12 to 2 pm.

3.Bring your postcard to La Villa Lupicia on June 26 and 27 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to exchange your postcard for one set of Yotei Beer.


★  Tag us on social media!

Strike a pose and take a picture of yourself giving encouragement to everyone in the area! We will be looking at all posts tagged with #nisekogenkini


Thanks for participating in this campaign. All of us at Radio Niseko are excited to read your messages!ポストカード